Property Management


Managing tenants, payment of taxes and dues, rent collection and deposit, periodical property inspection, rental Assistance, rental agreement renewal, emergency maintenance. 

    10 Reasons to Hire a Us for Property Manager 

       Setting the right rental rates

       Collecting and depositing monthly rent payments on time

       Marketing and advertising your property

       Finding the right tenants

       Managing tenants

       Managing vendor relationships

       Ensuring that you're in compliance with housing regulations and property laws

       Enabling you to invest in geographically distant properties

       Maximizing the profitability of your time

       Maximizing the profitability of your money



  • Rent collection and deposit
  • Follow up and payment of following
  • Property Tax
  • Electricity Bill, Water and sewer Charges
  • Monthly maintenance charge to the association
  • Any other payment and levies
  • Lease Period/Renewal of Rental Agreement
  • Property Maintenance




  • Regular monitoring by in-house field operation managers
  • Apply for EC
  • Fencing/Compound Wall
  • Pay Taxes & bills (Ex. property tax, electricity for motor rooms, etc.)
  • Periodic updates on property & neighborhood
  • Landscaping, Maintain trees & plants as necessary (water, urea, etc.)

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